Lucy Mangan I love you

And have been talking to you for the last 24 hours. In my head. Mostly.


You’ve read most of the stuff I’ve read, and some of the stuff we have differing experiences – for example pretty sure I was well indoctrinated into the David Attenborough way of life on earth (and definitely was actually living on a farm) when I read Charlotte’s Web. But doesn’t change the fact I was devastated. Just possibly not as surprised.

Milly Molly Mandy is still a strong presence in my head. Possibly helped by the fact my girl got into her too.

And you’ve read a lot of stuff I haven’t and am going to. Though tbh, not going to go back to Enid. Unlike you I met her through the Wishing chair books and so so so loved those books. But never actually wanted to read the famous five or secret seven. Did read the wishing chair again when my daughter was little(r). She didn’t take to it. I didn’t have the same love as I did for Matilda or the BFG but I still have a warm place in my heart for it.

Gosh. So yes, this is me NOT having a conversation with you.

Actually would be keen to do so. Is that weird? Not necessarily in person. Maybe more have a conversation with Bookworm. Because I agree with so much of it, and disagree with some and I want to discuss that with someone!!! I have no literary merit obviously. Have been reading for 45 or so years but otherwise nothing to tempt you.

But there is nothing on earth I’d rather do than discuss books with someone that knows the books and have an intelligent conversation. Like yes!! Marchpane = Marzipan = insanely sweet and also slightly yucky. Very important realisation!! But for me it hung over the March family – I think I read them about the same time. Should revisit.

You know?

This is my love letter to Lucy Mangan. Who at 802 years old is slightly older than myself but not by much. Maybe by 4 years.


One thought on “Lucy Mangan I love you

  1. I wrote this a year or so ago. No idea why. But my sentiments have not changed so figured I’d publish it before starting my next post.

    Was going to apologise, but then realised yeah nah, this is okay. I do still love Lucy Mangan and Marzipan sucks. So we’re good.


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