Tonga Day 3 – warning! lots of pictures!!


Was woken at 4am with a call from work about a production issue. Tried my hardest not to have to login, but by then Sally was awake so logged in, nothing wrong with the db, did what I could on the app side and then got hold of the chick who looks after the system (who actually is never on call but likes to know when it’s broken). We talked for 10 minutes or so – turns out she’s on holiday in Australia – we laughed!! Actually laughed so hard – that both of us are out of the country and dealing with prod is insanely funny at 5am (3am her time).

Then figured I’d try and get my library e-book read given I only have 2 days left before it goes. Still just half way through – Mrs Lincoln’s Dress Maker – oddly appropriate for our time.

Anyway – spent a bit of time with Mrs Lincoln, odd woman really, then got ready for church(!!) My long black dress that Sera gave me when I stayed in Hamilton waiting for Marama to be born and a very flowery black top I bought in the market yesterday. Was good – was covered… read Mrs Lincoln then Sally got up again – she hasn’t slept any more than I have, but has lain down a couple of times. Which is good!

Sally sewed the slits on her sleeves so that her shoulders wouldn’t be showing and then we were off to church(!!)! Met Seini’s mum at the bottom of the drive and took her to church. The King’s Church is Wesleyan, which I have to admit I don’t know much about at all, but being there was very much like an Anglican service… and apart from the wanting to fall asleep during the service, which to be honest I always get let alone when I’ve only had 4 hours sleep, I actually loved it. The Kings choir is amazing, the musicians are world class, the acoustics are fantastic and it is actually way better to sit through a church service in a language you don’t understand – you listen to the cadence and watch the people and it’s just beautiful.

Afterward the King and Queen left the church shaking hands with people and waving and jumped into this

Photo credit Sally

I love the number plate very much.

The king waved to Sally as they drove out the gate!

Have been listening to the singing over the road from the church all day – phenomenal. Just a really slack day once we got back from church. Poor Sally was hoping for adventure. And I totally would do so. But am shattered again. Might need a holiday!

We were going to the beach, but the weather decided a monsoon would be better for us

But we did go for a drive so I could be camera person for Sally’s VSA Facebook group to show the flooding from the sudden deluge that happened not long after we got home.

Not great pics obviously and I possibly should figure how to edit the videos, but were moving round and I got a few beauts, Besides – I have never claimed to be a camera person 😀

And then to bed!

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