Actual Day 3

Sorry, distracted ‘cos books!

Day 3 Mum had a look at the map and the guidebook and kinda plotted out the things she wanted to see. A. She wanted a beach B. She wanted to see plants and C. She wanted to see birds. So we tried to work with that. Birds suck FYI

Abel Tasman Landing Tonga

We didn’t actually find the beach she was looking for though we went to the beach by Vakaloa Resort – it was high tide so not much beach to see.

But we meandered further up and found Abel Tasman’s landing point. This is literally at the tip of Tonga. You could go further on foot but to be honest if you walked far you’d be heading west not north.

Gorgeous place, someone’s building something there – great place for a house.

It’s probably not a house.

It might be a house though – amazing place for a house!

From there we meandered down the island again and ended up at Friend’s for lunch. It’s a got a great story, the food’s okay, the service is alright and the plants are really cool

Then we headed back to Sally’s. Absolutely stuffed and not sure we could face dinner. This is my birthday, and I was very keen on happy hour at Seaview, but wasn’t sure anyone would join me. Turns out there was a welcome new Aussie Vollies at Little Italy… actually gorgeous restaurant not far down Vuna Rd from Seaview. So we all rocked up there. Their pizza’s are creamy and cheesy and perfectly done. Actually wonderful. Their cocktails are also pretty cool.

Little Italy after the sunset
Little Italy sea view sunset

Brilliant day. Turns out it wasn’t just my birthday! Everyone sang Happy Birthday to one of the new Australians and there are two verses in Tonga 😁