Septieme Partie

So this is my last full day here and basically I just wandered around the bits I hadn’t seen in Pape’ete and shopped 😃 it was great, just ‘laxing out stopping every so often and once again speaking French badly enough that everyone figured I speak English 😆 fortunately some of them were bad at English too so we got to have multilingual conversations where we both felt like we won – I actually love that 💞
Missing my chair badly, the bed isn’t so bad, so not feeling the need for my bed so much, but my god I wish I had a travel sized version of my chair that I could blow up (like a balloon rather than a bomb) on arrival, so it’s probably good to go home though I’m extremely reluctant to leave 😏
The hotel is not great, in fact it kind of sucks (haven’t had anything but a freezing cold shower since I got here), though the room itself is gorgeous and very nearly comfortable (could use an armchair!) – nearly checked in elsewhere the other night, but couldn’t justify the $475 – actually the same reason I haven’t gone to Bora Bora. Glad now I didn’t – I spent xpf10800 in one shop today! Made me feel like a millionaire and also a tiny bit sick :/
Have figured out why the fish aren’t in the river outside in the afternoon/evening – it’s too hot! The sun comes round about 1pm and is stifling! So I imagine if the fish stay they get cooked 😉 This I found out yesterday and is why my curtains were closed and the air con on.
Anyway, not sure what I’ll do tomorrow after checking out – have to be at the airport 3 hours(!!) before flight leaves so maybe I’ll find a beach and swim for the last time. Or maybe just find a bar and read my book 😁
Maururu for reading

P.S. There’s Neville’s cousin below! Not as large as Neville but still most definitely a Ficus family member! Was so happy to see him 😃 By this time was feeling quite home sick – it’s quite a long time to be on your own in a country that you don’t necessarily have the language skills you need 😏

Nearly Twisties!! Though actually (in hind sight) the same as Twisties on Tonga 😀
Also while I was feeling the lack of communication, it was still SO FREAKING AWESOME that everytime I tried to speak to someone they tried to speak to me – actually enjoyed those that had no English – I had to try harder and they absolutely tried their best too – must suck to break your language down to the very basics and try and work up with someone that doesn’t know. I don’t have to do that very often merci beaucoup, and don’t know that I have the patience any more… But! On the other side of that I was so very grateful when they gave it a go – learnt stuff! know I need more! Awesome 😀

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