Quartieme Partie

Ia ora na (pronounced yo-rana)!
Had a fantastic day today, caught the ferry to Moorea and had another cup of tea – earl grey this time so not ideal, but still my second cup since I’ve been here so it was good! Then took a taxi to the nearest beach – I’d missed the buses due to having a cup of tea 😃 but I shared the taxi with a woman from Morocco who is also travelling by herself and here for her birthday which is next week – lots of moi aussi and c’est fantastique! She was cool and had slightly more English than I do French so it was nice to have a conversation with someone 😆
I asked the taxi chick to come get me at 3:30, so stranded myself on the beach for 4 hours or so… it was wonderful. Just absolutely perfect. No wind, the beach was in a lagoon, in fact Moorea itself (on that side at least) is in a lagoon, so the water was clear and sparkling and so so warm… it’s just like on TV. In fact the beach was just down from the Sofatiel (sp?) hotel which has the cabins lined up above the water, so JUST like on TV. And there were coconuts just lying around – like it was some kind of tropical island. I don’t know why but that blows me away!
I spent most of the time just floating, it was perfect. I’m quite red now though, although I did keep applying sunscreen, perhaps not often enough 😦
Again lots of chickens, actually didn’t see any roosters today, but there were quite a few chicks so there are some about somewhere 😏 Got a pic of a chicken that was eating/drinking out of a coconut – very Moana the movie! You’ll have to blow that pic up a bit to see it though 😁 and there was a random dog that just came for a dip and left again, there are a lot of random dogs around the place. Some of them are so skinny it would break your heart Sera, but most are in great condition and seem to look after themselves. This one would’ve not long had pups by the look of her, but she was a happy dog and very friendly.
The people at the ferry landing were really great, one woman who had a stall there told me who to get the best deals with and where to go for the best price and the taxi driver and her friends are coming to NZ in November – she was so excited when I said kia ora by mistake! I didn’t take so many pics today, was busy living 😃
I stopped at the bar when I got off the ferry – wine is really expensive! It’s cheaper to buy bourbon! But I had a very good Sauvignon Blanc and am happy 😃
Not a bad way to spend my second birthday this week💞

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