Tonga V2 Day 3

What I didn’t say about yesterday is that we went to Yummy Takeaways at Queen Salote’s big green shed (Community hall) and had chicken & fish burgers respectively. They were very good. Sally took us for a wee tiki tour beforehand and then we came home for book club.

Book club is a great idea – I’m always wanting to talk about the books I read – but the thing is mostly you have to read serious and actually depressing books. It’s not cool to rave on about Martha Wells for example – or Sophia Kinsella (who I picked up in the airport in Auckland and was currently enjoying). Though The Seven and a Half Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – which I LOVED and highly recommend – was mentioned as having been a book club book.

The key to reading book club books is to have something to cleanse the palate in between – I like light and frothy books for that, but never feel like you can say that out loud.

Having said all that, I’m definitely going to find a book club at home. Any suggestions for the northern suburbs in Wellington is very welcome.