Tonga V2 2.5

Sorry, the thing I missed last time was the dogs! So so annoying but the most gorgeous family of dogs. They’re the official greeters and protectors and they take their job seriously

Oua is the grand old lady. Absolutely gorgeous dog, and weirdly reminds me of the dog from The Dark Crystal. She’s not a dog to be approached and very definitely to be respected without approach. She’s the lion in this pack – happily steals everyone else’s food while the others gather.

Sky is a 2 year old puppy and is most definitely the ambassador of the pack, first to make friends and has a strong need to protect. Will lay close by when you’re having a smoke and will lay right across the door when you’re inside. He’s a beautiful friendly dog and makes me miss mine lots

Tiger will be one next week. She is highly intelligent not terribly trusting and actually a great natured puppy who needs a bit more to do. Reminds me heaps of Mia. Gorgeous girl, wants lots of love.

And finally Jay. Jay is Tiger’s Mum and is slightly stand offish but very active in the neighbourhood watch. She’s a lovely dog but is not into socialising for the sake of it. She also has a half diamond on the back of her neck, so maybe related to Princess Mia after all?

she doesn’t have the bat sign on her shoulder though