This is my travelogue/adventure diary. I don’t have many adventures but am aiming for more 😁

I’m 46 and a blue eyed blonde which can make it awkward when I try to connect with my te ati awa heritage or the pacific island people. I know my mihi and my whakapapa, but I can’t force anyone to believe it. And I’m very definitely pakeha, or palangi, so yeah. Have given up on the learning more about our culture thing from a whanau perspective.

That’s okay though – there is a lot to be said for being a tourist in your own backyard! And right now that’s what I’m doing – exploring the pacific! And it’s amazing, am loving the travel, the people and the adventure. I’m doing it in weekly bites which isn’t ideal but is fantastic for my state of mind – just awesome!

I live in New Zealand and sometimes work long hours and odd times and have found I’m burning out. So have started exploring my surroundings in the easiest way possible. Air New Zealand makes it really easy with their Island deals – really cheap flights only a few hours away! Am loving that so much!

My first journey was to Tahiti, my dream since I was 16. And oh gosh, it was perfect…

I’m also a reader… almost above everything else I’m a reader… and so will occasional rant about books – what I like, what I don’t like… what I would do different. In doing this here I save my dog from many hours of angst. He hates angst