So funny it’s actually embarrassing to laugh in front of your dog…

Okay, I’m sorry. I’ve been hiding. I live in New Zealand, I have no reason except laziness. And actually maybe a small tinge of fear. I’m in the middle of my last Tonga adventure and just want to talk about books!! Books are safe, omgosh I could inundate you with really interesting things!! But I won’t. Except to say that right now I’m reading Bill Bryson’s travels and bloody hell, don’t read them on a bus or at the pub while waiting for your quiz team to join you.

But mostly I want to distract you right now with TJ Klune. His “How to Be A Normal Person” is actually so funny you will be embarrassed by the fact that even though you are reading it in your house, by yourself, your dog will be extremely concerned by the noises coming from you. And this has happened to multiple acquaintances. It’s NOT just me! Do not read on a public place. But bloody hell, this story of really weird guy meets quite a lot less weird guy and tries to ensure he follows societal cues is just brilliant. And weirdly skips the British thing of embarrassing and goes straight for laugh out loud, heart warmingly perfect. Mr Klune has a multitude of books, all of which I’ve enjoyed, his Brother series is awesome, though tbh I’m not keen to read twice. they’re absolutely a great series, but hard work if you’re trying to be upbeat. Which is a stupid reason not to read them so do it. The Otter & Bear books are fricking fabulous. Not funny though. Well yeah they are, but not laugh out loud funny like “How to Be A Normal Person”. I SO want to read the next book, “How to Be A Movie Star”, but am finding it hard to get hold of.

Long story short, when I set up this site I didn’t really know wth I was doing, but am now glad my travel stuff is tucked away in menus and I can blather out here. GO FIND TJ KLUNE! He’s really funny, really clever and absolutely will make you cry.

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