Partie Six (six is pronounced cease btw 😏)

A really boring day today, can hardly move. Stayed in bed till 12ish then went to the mall (makes J’ville mall look GREAT FYI) and then came back and just hanging out in my room with the curtains closed and the air conditioning blasting – yes it’s possible I have been swapped out by aliens. So tired! Thought I’d take a day off and get back into it tomorrow sorry! 😃 I will be staggering down to the night market for dinner tonight though, just ‘cos I haven’t done it yet and it should be interesting on a Friday night.

P.S. had the crepes a la Briton – which isn’t something I’ve ever had before – yes pancakes with butter and maple syrup or pancakes with sugar and lemon juice, but never pancakes with butter and sugar!! Not sure they’re my favourite, but they were pretty damned good 😀

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