Travels of a Middle-Aged Polly-Ana

When I realised I was not going to be 45 much longer I realised that I had dreams to travel and experience the world, but in actual fact had never (apart from a dream trip to Brisbane for my 30th with my best friend, her daughter and mine) gone anywhere. Well apart from all over New Zealand, which I’m now thinking I should include in this wee blog too. I really have been everywhere here – except the East Cape which is still #1 on my list. I haven’t documented it well though. But will do my best to put some of it in here too. And well gosh – it’s not like I’ve stopped travelling!

But not long before my 46th birthday, while lain out on the couch like a very sick slug after a particularly long week at work I got a ping in my inbox from Air New Zealand with the most amazing Island deals. Generally I ignore these – who has time to go overseas – you need weeks for that! But no – for less than a weekday price to Invercargill you can go to Tahiti! And honestly it doesn’t take much longer to get there, even though you go through Auckland! And I could do a week in Tahiti extremely easily and get cheap accommodation! And it is warm!!! And, obviously, I was going to be old at the end of August so should go for broke now! So I booked it. Then I emailed my manager and told him I’ve just booked this. Then thought OMG what have I done!

But I was SO excited! Tahiti – honestly have spent years dreaming about this place! So, stuck to my guns. And went and got my passport renewed :/ Forgot you need that kind of thing tbh – when all your travel is in country you kinda just use your credit card as your id. Which actually sucks, but that’s another story.

Passport was actually really easy after years of putting it off – much easier than it was in 2002, and weirdly cheaper too. So that was done. Then looked at my (really cheap) accommodation and realised that yeah nah – I’m too old for backpacker accommodation, and also it was on Bora Bora – which I really wanted to go to but it was another $500 to get there plus the $300 accommodation for 6 nights – I might as well shell out for about the same in Paape’ete. So I changed that and rented a car.

Fortunately my manager was extremely supportive and fortunately I’m not too worried about making a dick of myself – fantastic holiday! Just loved it and so very pleased I did it. And now I want to do it more 😀

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