Mum’s 70th part two

So. We’re quite comfortable with the idea of travelling down south, merrily picking up people on the way… actually loved it a lot! We’ll all chip in and it will be an awesome convoy to Invercargill. And despite popular opinion Invercargill is actually awesome!

Fat Bastards Pies.

Oh my gosh.

So I was excited about Invercargill, Fat Bastards Pies, and my mum’s 70th and the grand reunion around that. Also obviously my grand daughter, who, while was not present was absolutely part of the proceedings.

Of course we didn’t go down in convoy. Of course we didn’t co-ordinate in anyway except see you at the Working Men’s Club on the 13th. We are us! Not you.

It was a great trip down, stayed in Little River with Shelly

Da da de dah

And then booked it to Invercargill where we stayed at the Monarch Motel. Which is awesome because it is pet friendly.

Was actually fun all the way down, mostly because my not-son-in-law (official name) insisted onlooking for castles. Thankfully there were a great many churches that fit the bill, how ever there were a surprising number of homes that also fit the bill.

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