Mum’s 70th

So. My siblings and I agreed not long after mum’s 60th that we would all get together for her 70th. We didn’t all get together for her 60th, but I’m pretty sure we all made contact about then as the ChCh earthquakes were about that time and while she was part of an awesome community there, we felt the need to be part of it. My mum never asks for help, so not sure if she either wanted or needed us, but we turned up. Because we both need and want her. Separately ideally. We love each other obviously, but we are better apart. Actually I cherish both my sister and my brother and one of the things I cherish most is that they absolutely understand that we are better kids to mum one on one.

So. The earthquakes is a seperate and longer story that I’m not doing here, except to say that my world view was absolutely turned upside down and shaken to the nth degree. As were many many others on a much deeper level. Not skimming as such, just touching upon.

Mum’s actual 70th birthday was the 13th of March, 2021. Insane! It’s the future! My brother & sister and I had discussed it in the abstract, but 3 years ago realised it was going to be coming up pretty damned fast. So we were all in agreement, we would absolutely be there and do our best to get our offspring there too. So. Please note that we decided that in 2018.

So. Come the beginning of 2020 my Uncle suddenly realised he had a wider family and was keen to get as many people as close as possible. So he told mum that he’s keen. And as I told mum that I was keen Dave and I became the co-ordinaries. In name. In actuality it fell on Jo, Dave’s wife and Caitlin, my daughter. Because in actual fact Dave and I are both assholes.

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