I had no idea. I don’t have any of the skills I thought I’d need at a time like this. Presuming we’re heading for a zombie invasion obviously.

BUT if we are actually kind… I do have skills! I’m good at bread and pastry… have rudimentary knowledge of motor engines.

Also know that even if I could write with any idea of a story, this one has been done WAY too many times.

This sucks right?! And I’m fucked off because I don’t even have a dog to talk to… but I have awesome neighbours and am so so lucky with my job. Let me know if you don’t have that because I’m happy to share.

Do new stuff!!

2 thoughts on “WOW

    1. May just steal him sometime soon… KC is at Monty level and is breaking my heart. Was going to steal Annabelle but think C & D may need her very soon. Bloody dogs – they don’t last like they used to


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