Life, the universe and everything

This has been a big week. Actually really awful. It started last Monday when my dog had a massive heart attack.


He’s the happiest dog ever invented. Always so pleased to meet his new best friend and not shy about telling them. Annoying. Obviously. But just so damned happy it was a pleasure. Okay. So I’d spent Sunday with a very good friend preparing for going for my job on Tuesday. Which was absolutely worth the time and I will love her forever for taking the time to do that with me.

Monday my girl came over for dinner and it was yummy – Hello Fresh Chirizo Penne, so good! We’d literally just finished when Tuck collapsed and I thought he was dead. He wasn’t, but he was not well. We took him to the After Hours vet and they put him on oxygen and diuretic’s. They kept him for several hours and then I was able to take him home. They took xrays and showed me that he had no Hope really. His heart was HUGE. Couldn’t fix him, but could keep him comfortable. IF I could keep him calm! So. Next morning went to my interview. Actually kinda enjoyed it. Didn’t really give a shit tbh. And then spent the day working at various sites. My girl spent sometime with Tuck, cleaning my house and making him feel normal. I luff her.

My Girl

Interview done ✅ yay!

Got a call on Thursday, one of my oldest friends dad had died that morning. I was gutted. Had such respect for that man and felt so much for my friend that was hurting. So. Organised to go to ChCh to be there for her for the hardest bit. And then Tuck had another heart attack. And then Friday he had a bigger one. And during his heart attack on Saturday I took him to the vet and said goodbye. Which sucked the big kumara mightily. Fuck.

Have spent the last week in Christchurch roaming around a bit. Had rented a Corolla Hybrid and have to say it’s the best damned car – handled beautifully going out to Little River, was fantastic in traffic, and was just a joy to drive. Loved it. Want one. Did more than 300km and paid $26 to fill.

I’m sad. On so many levels. Am so so sad for my friend who has lost her very much loved father, am sad that my cat is kinda traumatised by me leaving her and her not having her dog. Am absolutely traumatised by my quiet house. It’s not right.

So. Big week. So big it’s stretched to two.

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