And so for something completely different…

I’ve been away a wee while. I’m so sorry.

I have a much better diving story which I’ll relate next post, but meanwhile I’m keen to tell you about my surprise awesome reading experience! I don’t know if you’re into intelligent women, I don’t know if you’re kinda nerdy. I don’t care tbh – Mary Robinette Kowal is the best thing I’ve found this century since Fibre. She’s clever, she’s funny and she makes you feel smart while you learn stuff.

Her first series is about a woman who wants to become an astronaut from the age of something silly like six. This chick grows up to be a mathematician and is hired at the alternate equivalent of NASA as a computer. She’s AWESOME!! Bloody hell I love when you find awesome.

Her last released book is called Ghost Talkers and is about a woman in the Second World War and her fiancé, who dies early in the book (okay, maybe should’ve put spoiler but it’s kinda obvious so I’m not going to. If it wasn’t obvious I’m SO sorry) but plays a key role all the way through. Again, inspiring, heart breaking, and totally immersed in this world she’s built. AWESOME!! Everyone needs to see what awesome looks like sometimes – go read Mary Robinette Kowal

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