And for the final dive…

Have been waiting for Duane to send me pics. But honestly. For me it doesn’t matter. I’d love to add better stuff here, but it was a bad dive in so many ways. I thought we’d be planning it so was keen to be there when the other guys got out of the water. Was on time for that – yay!

We didn’t plan anything. We were separated and the boys went with whoever he was (Didn’t get introduced) and Caitlin and I were with Will. Given a choice I would’ve gone with one of the guys. We got out to the float and I tried to adjust my weight belt. I do this every time I get in the water because it’s easier. I asked Caitlin to tighten it. She undid it. Will dives down and found it (!! Actually amazing!) and we all swam back to the shallows so I could put it back on.

Then we head back out. We go down. I don’t have enough weight. And have none at the front so am going down on my back and bobbing up again. Caitlin’s ready to go. Can feel Will’s frustration.

We get down. It’s really murky and we concentrate hard on following Will’s fins. Lose him. Look around for a wee while, no idea how long ‘cos we don’t have watches, but it’s longer than we’re comfortable so we both head up. Will pops up about a minute later.

All good. We swim back to the float.

Then we’re back down. We’re swimming along madly underwater just keeping Will’s fins in sight. He stops to show us a funny shaped stick. Turns out it was a seahorse which is actually cool 😃

We’re kinda traumatised already and nod and smile and yay we keep going. I float to the top ‘cos I’m a fucking freaking annoying fucking floating thing. And Will gives up and tells us to go to shore while he gets the float (the boys are well and truly back by now). And we do. And so we surface/swam at least 600mtrs that day and dived/swam maybe 15…

Got to the beach and had gone too shallow! Tried to stand and again my knees collapsed. Ended up on my back trying to not lie on my tanks. Got off the tanks, still couldn’t stand and so was face down in the water. For a long time was trying to get out of that situation. Couldn’t. And Caitlin took off my BCD and actually probably saved my life. Will was absolutely furious.

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