Scuba Is SO Cool!

So. Did my second and third dive in Scorching Bay with Simon. Beautiful! Actually gorgeous, had never been there before. Started off with a towel over my head over the road in Island Bay, just to check I could walk in a straight line I think. But also to be sure that I could get back again without freaking out. This does not freak me out 😁

Towel walking is wonderfully freeing

And Island Bay is gorgeous first thing in the morning!! First thing being 9am obviously…

Then Simon took me to Scorching Bay via the most gorgeous beaches…

Wellington on a good day is pretty damned amazing…

Who knew!!

And then this. Which is where we dived

Scorching Bay. It was SO awesome! We went out and took our time going down. I learnt that actually yes you can say stop and let’s go up a wee bit and relieve the pressure in my ears. I’ve been told that from the start, but this was the first time I was okay doing that. Saying no and up a wee bit. SUCH a difference. Doesn’t hurt! So we got down and did our final can you take this off and put this on and do this and see that and to be honest – I loved it! I was so stoked! The last thing was taking off the mask underwater and putting it back on, to be honest I wish we’d done it first. I couldn’t see anything before that!

So I came out SO stoked! I’d done the fin pivot and all the buoyancy things perfectly. Totally rocked the navigation stuff!

Or at least perfect for me – Simon was enthusiastic too. Which obviously he’s paid to be. Bloody hell – can you trust this happy stuff?

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