I can Scuba, can you?

My kids finished their pool course last session, I was slow (again), but had at least got to the stage where Duane was before his arm went funky, so this time it was just Duane and I.

When we got to the cafe the woman behind the counter totally remembered our order from the first time – I felt bad saying that no extra shot was needed in our coffee, she’s actually amazing and made me feel good. If you go to the Kilbirnie Pool cafe please tell her that. Or maybe it’s just she remembers Kane…

Helped Elliott unload and then I got changed while waiting for him to get back from parking the truck – took a while, parking in Kilbirnie sucks too. Duane held off because he wasn’t sure if he’d be doing the 200 mtr swim & 10 minute float before or after.


So by the time Elliot and Duane were ready I’d actually realised this is all good, I’m doing it because I want to and there is honestly no pressure. It was an amazing shift in head space.

So Elliott got back and he and Duane suited up, we did our buddy checks and I jumped in with very little grace. Not sure I’ll ever do that with grace to be honest, but mate! it felt so good to be in the water and buoyant. I LOVE that a lot.

Duane jumped in too and we were happy as pigs in muck… then had to do the exercises. One thing I discovered – for myself at least – is that it’s way worse to be told about it than to do it. The first couple of dives I’d spent so much time in my head trying to visualise how this would all work that when it came to doing it I was freaking myself out. This time I was most definitely like give it a shot, what’s the worst that can happen? Seriously? I can’t believe I let myself get so wound up. BUT I guess the other part of that is that this means something so much more than just achieving something. To me anyway. I want to be able to do this quite badly.

SO. The realisation that just doing it is way easier than thinking about it was fantastic! Duane had a wee bit more head time to go through – I’m thinking that maybe the older you are the more you feel the ramifications of things not going well? Not sure. But the first couple of hours took a bit of doing for both of us, the last hour we zipped through! Elliott was pretty sure (and I agreed) at the end of the first session that we’d need another couple of hours in the pool to complete the tasks, but actually we zipped through those tick boxes in the last hour! And then we got to just swim – I like that best. Even at the bottom of a pool, it’s very cool just sliding along under everybody else.

What I would like to do again: Will had told Elliott that I was pretty good at hovering – which I have to say I rocked, and I loved! – but this time I wanted to do it on my front rather than my back and so didn’t really pay attention to Elliott (NEVER ignore your diving instructor by the way – s/he really does know more than you do whatever you think at this point. What I should’ve done is told Elliott what I wanted to do – thing I should’ve done differently). I do not rock at hovering when not in my lazy-boy position. And I did not impress Elliott at all. And that’s fine – I was working on staying in a position where I can see things when under the sea – if I want to look at the sky while floating I don’t need to put on a wetsuit to do so :/ Not sure now I can do either.

Duane brought his Go-Pro and Elliott was the camera person this time 🙂

I hurt a wee bit this time, but nothing like the first couple of times. I think I’ve got used to not fighting to stay in place? But also I’ve been using my rowing machine every night since we got it set up, or at least 6 nights a week. Am changing shape! And sleeping well 😀

I’ve also bought myself a cheap wee underwater camera – next exciting install will be our sea dives!

Have also booked another trip to Tonga and trying to set up a diving trip there, definitely taking my wee camera if it survives the sea dives :/

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